The Tin Soldiers

@< field1 > @< field2 >, age @< field3 >,
from @< field4 >, @< field5 >, missed playing
with her friends @< field6 >.
They had not been able to come to play,
so @< field1 > played alone with her toy
soldiers. She had an orange and a purple
army – enough to start a war!
@< field1 > organized the armies. She
placed the infantry in the front lines, a
couple of sergeants behind them, then
the lieutenants, a few majors, some
colonels, two generals and a marshal
bringing up the rear.

She brought the two armies against each
other and the fighting began.
One by one, foot soldiers fell under the
strong blows of the battle and then some
sergeants and lieutenants were killed.
Majors and colonels fought ruthlessly and
generals tried to secure the marshal’s
position in the back.
After much shooting, @< field1 > decided
that the purple army would win the war.
After all, purple was her favourite

@< field1 >, herself exhausted from the
battle, put the toy soldiers aside and
went to sleep.
She was in the middle of a beautiful dream
when loud noises woke her up. She sat up in
her bed and sleepily looked around. Her
toy soldiers were fighting a war of their
@< field1 > rubbed her eyes, thinking that
she might be seeing things, but the noise
of guns, tanks and artillery fire was too
loud to be imagined.
This war was for real!

She quickly jumped out of bed and stood
between the two armies. “Hey!” she
yelled. “Stop this war at once!”
The soldiers froze in their tracks,
surprised to see her.
“Why are you fighting all of a sudden?”
@< field1 > asked them.
“Well,” said the purple marshal. “We are
soldiers, that’s what we do.”
The orange marshal was quick to point
out. “Earlier today you were fighting a
war too. You taught us how to fight and
inspired us!” he exclaimed.

@< field1 > tried to justify herself. “I
was only playing, it was just a game,” she
“You have to be careful what you play. To
us, war is not a game,” said one of the
“Yes,” agreed a major. “War is a serious
matter. People get hurt and killed in
wars. You don’t play with things like
A lieutenant stepped out. “But if it
wasn’t for the war, we wouldn’t be here.
We come to life only when there are
battles to be fought,” he said.

The purple sergeant explained. “Our
mission is to destroy them and their
mission is to destroy us. We have to
@< field1 > looked at him sadly and then
pointed at the orange soldier. “Don’t you
ever stop and think that he is a human
being too? Why don’t you ask yourself if
he cares for someone? What will happen to
his children if he dies? Is he lonely?
Is he happy? These are the important
things. Not the fact that he belongs to
another army,” she said.

The toy soldiers looked at each other
questioningly. “If we start to think like
that, maybe we will start to like each
other, but that will not solve the
problems that we have,” said the orange
@< field1 > was persistent. “Fighting won’t
solve your problems either, it will only
cause you more pain and despair. If you
really want to solve your problems, you
have to sit down and talk things over,”
she explained.

“She is right,” said the purple marshal.
The orange marshal was still not
convinced. “If we end the war, what will
become of us? We are soldiers, what can
we do in times of peace?” he said.
@< field1 > thought for a moment and said.
“I have an idea!”
She quickly ran to her closet and took out
small work overalls and helmets which
she handed out to the two armies. “You
can start by creating instead of
destroying,” she said.

When @< field1 > woke up in the morning, she
remembered her toy soldiers.
“That was a weird dream,” she said to
herself and smiled. But as she turned to
get out of bed, she realized that her room
was somehow different from the night
There, on the floor, was a whole toy city!
All around her were beautiful small
houses, roads and bridges made with her
LEGOƆ blocks!

As she took a closer look, she noticed the
ex-soldiers, now construction workers,
lying on the floor, sleeping like babies.
There were peaceful smiles on their faces.
“They must be very tired from working so
late.” @< field1 > giggled to herself and
ran out to tell @< field6 > about her
great adventure.