The Divorce

It was late at night, and @< field1 >
@< field2 >, age @< field3 >, from @< field4 >,
@< field5 >, lay awake in her bed,
listening to her parents’ voices. They
were talking about divorce. @< field1 >
didn’t really know what that was, but it
sounded frightening.
Suddenly, she heard a soft whisper. “Don’t
be worried,” the voice said.
@< field1 > turned to see a lady standing
near by. “Who are you?” she asked.
The lady smiled. “My name is Divorce,”
she said.

“Divorce!” @< field1 > exclaimed. “But
I don’t like divorces. Why have you come
to my home?” The lady walked over to her
bed and sat down next to her.
“@< field1 >, I have come to explain
to you what divorce really is. You are now
old enough to understand it. Some people
call me a new beginning, some call me a
new life, yet most call me divorce,” she
said. “Well, I know that it can’t be good
because my parents don’t get along anymore.”
@< field1 > answered.

The lady said “Divorce is not that bad
when you know what is happening. It is
important to understand that people
change. Your Mom and Dad grow just like
you. Some things they liked before, they
might not like now. Some things they
found interesting yesterday, they might
find boring today. You don’t learn
everything when you are a child. You
learn and grow when you are a grown-up

“But if they learn and grow, why do they
stop loving each other?” @< field1 > asked.
“Look at it this way,” the lady said.
“You and your friend, @< field6 >, can’t
bear to be without each other for long,
you like to play the same games and spend
time together. When you grow up, however,
you may want to do different things. You
will both change and that may mean that
you won’t love each other anymore. In
marriage, parents grow and change
together. They sometimes find different
interests, but remain friends,” she

“But if that is marriage, then what is
divorce?” @< field1 > asked.
“Divorce is when parents find that too
many of their same interests have changed
and that they don’t find the same things
fun anymore. For example, if @< field6 >
disliked the things you liked, and you
disliked the things @< field6 > liked,
it would be very difficult for you to
understand each other. Wouldn’t you then
like to meet a new friend who would enjoy
the same things as you and who could
understand you?” said the lady.

“Sure I would, but what about
@< field6 >? Wouldn’t @< field6 > be
lonely?” asked @< field1 >.
The lady smiled and went on to explain.
“Oh no. @< field6 > would find someone
else who would be more understanding.
When both you and @< field6 >
find new friends, you might stop
loving each other.”
At first @< field1 > shook her head in
disbelief, and then she said. “I would
probably often think about the times when
we played and had fun together.”

“You’ve just described your parents. They
might both find someone else who will make
them happier and understand them better,
and maybe they will see each other from
time to time, as old friends do.
They shared too many beautiful
times – they made you together! You,
alone, are the reason for them to be
thankful to each other. If they stayed
together they would not be happy and
they know that it would make you unhappy
too,” the lady explained.

“Does that mean they are getting divorced
because of me?” @< field1 > asked the
question which troubled her most.
“Of course not. Your parents have grown
over the years. You are not the reason
why your parents changed. They changed
because of all the experiences they
gained along the way. Now that you
know about divorce, you can see that it’s
not that bad.
When your parents get divorced, you don’t
lose them. You still see them and do
things together just like before,”
answered the lady.

“They never stop being your parents. They
never stop loving you. They go on caring
about how you will do in school, if you
will have good friends, and so many other
things they cared about before. They may
change for each other, but they will never
change for you. You are that special part
of them which they never want to give up.
You just have to get used to the idea of
having two homes which you can call your
own. The rest is easy,” the lady

By this time, @< field1 > had slowly stopped
worrying. She understood what was
happening and it made her feel better.
@< field1 > knew her parents still loved
her. Nothing in the world could ever
take that love away from her. Not change,
not arguing and certainly not divorce.
She knew that her parents would always be
around, caring for her and watching her