The Birds

@< field1 > @< field2 >, age
@< field3 >, lives in @< field4 >,
@< field5 >. Like all other children, he
is curious and has many adventures while
discovering nature. One day
@< field1 > invited @< field6 > to
explore the backyard with him and see all
the beautiful and amazing creatures that
live there. Above all, the birds were the
most interesting. The vivid colours of
their feathers and the sound of their
beautiful song makes everyone happy.

As if to show @< field1 > and his
friends that they were happy to meet them,
the birds began to fly above their heads,
performing acrobatic turns, creating
amazing figures and teaching them unusual
flying games. Whatever the birds did in
the air, @< field1 > and his playmates
were imitating on the ground. It was a
completely new experience – playing with
the birds and it brought a lot of joy both to
the children and the birds.

@< field1 > and his friends didn’t want
the birds to fly away, so they decided to
learn more about them and help them feel
at home in their garden. They learned that
the first thing they should do is to offer
them shelter and food. “They also need
water all through the year,” said
@< field6 >. “Still, the most important
thing is to be there for them during the
winter,” added @< field1 >.

@< field1 > was right. The winter is
a rough period for birds because the snow
covers fields, houses and trees, and it
is very hard to find food. The rest of
the year any bird can provide for its own
needs. A healthy bird will never die from
cold; not even in the coldest winter, but
food and water are a major problem.

The garden was full of different,
colourful birds flying and singing happy
songs because now they had found new
friends who would protect them.
@< field1 >, @< field6 > also learned
that their favourite foods are sunflower
seeds, wheat, barley and millet grains,
vegetable fat and unsalted butter.

@< field1 > learned about the
importance of water for the birds. Just
like we drink from a glass, they too,
must have their own dish. This is a big
container with little stones on the
bottom, so that the water can reach
different levels, and the birds can easily
drink from it. The water should always be
fresh and the dish needs to be cleaned
often to avoid infections.

@< field1 > and his friends made grain
food containers which they decorated in
cheerful colours. They fixed one to the
balcony rail and the other one to a tree
branch. These places were protected from
wind and rain, and other animals couldn’t
reach them. It was a marvellous scene
watching the birds swooping down and
feeding from the containers.

Next, @< field1 > and his friends
decided to build nests for the birds. They
discovered that each bird has its own
requirements concerning the type, the
dimensions and the location of the nest in
which they would live. The children built
two types: the “letter box” and the “long”
type nest.

@< field1 > learned from his friends,
the birds, that the best place to fix
their nests is to put them between 2,5m
and 4m high, on a branch where other
animals cannot destroy them, and then turn
them toward East and South East.
@< field1 > quickly realized that when
the small birds are inside, he should not
come too close because this will upset the
parents and they will abandon the nest.

It had been a wonderful day for
@< field1 > and his pals. They had
met new flying friends and learned how to
help and protect them. The birds will do
the same for them in their own special
way, by bringing colour and song to the
world. The adventure they had shared
created a deep love and friendship that
would last forever.