The Animal School

One day @< field1 > @< field2 >,
age @< field3 >, from @< field4 >,
@< field5 >, decided to go for a
walk in the park. There he met
a wise old owl and was very
surprised to find it awake. “It’s
daytime! Aren’t you supposed to
be a night bird, which sleeps
during the day and is awake at
night?” @< field1 > asked,
very confused. “I am supposed to
be sleeping,” said the owl crossly,
“but who could sleep with all this
noise coming from the forest?”

@< field1 > listened more carefully.
“Wow! I hear shrieks and squeals now. It
sounds like all the animals are talking at
once!” The old owl nodded its head.
“That’s right. The forest animals will
never come to their senses. They have this
crazy idea about starting an animal school
and they are holding a meeting right now
to decide which subjects should be
included in the schedule. Let’s go and
see for ourselves how they are doing,”
it said.

When they approached the large group of
animals, @< field1 > heard the
squirrel saying, “I think it is absolutely
necessary to include the class of jumping
from tree to tree. Everyone should
learn how to do that.” The bird said
“That’s fine by me as long as we have
flying lessons every day.” The rabbit said
it wanted sprinting to be included in
the schedule and the fish thought that a
school without swimming lessons was no
school at all.

@< field1 > was watching all this from
afar and couldn’t wait to see what would
happen once the school began. And when it
did, it was hilarious! The squirrel, who
was the best in jumping from tree to tree,
got an F in flying, sprinting and
swimming. After some time the squirrel had
hurt its paws while trying to swim and its
feet while trying to run, so it couldn’t
jump trees as well as it did before.

@< field1 > wished that @< field6 >
were there to watch the animal school with
him. The bird, who was the best flyer, got
an F in jumping from tree to tree,
sprinting and swimming. Because it tried so
hard to do well in all these events,
it hurt its wings and couldn’t
fly as beautifully as before.

The rabbit, who was the best and fastest
sprinter the forest had ever seen, didn’t do
well at all in it’s other classes. It got
an F in jumping from tree to tree, flying
and swimming. Of course, it wanted to get
As in all of it’s classes, so it almost
drowned when it tried to swim and hurt its
legs when it tried to fly. After a while,
the rabbit couldn’t run as fast as before.

And finally it was time for the fish, who
was the best swimmer of all, to try
sprinting and jumping from tree to tree.
Unfortunately, it failed and
got bad grades in both subjects.
When it tried to fly it landed on the
shore instead of falling back into the
lake. It couldn’t breathe and was
desperately fighting for its life. This
was heartbreaking to watch.

All the animals panicked and started
screaming for help. @< field1 >, who
had been watching all this, realized that
he had to do something. He quickly ran to
the fish and pushed it back into the
water. The fish needed a few moments to
recover, but once it was back in the water, it
did what it knew best: it swam!

All the animals gave @< field1 > warm
applause. Each one of them wanted to
be the first to congratulate him on saving
their friend, the fish. Once they calmed
down, it was @< field1 >’s turn to
speak. “I have watched your school since
it started,” he said, “and I can tell you
that it doesn’t work this way! A rabbit
can’t fly – it can run. A bird can’t
swim – it flies! You just have to
discover what you can do, and then do it
the best way you can,” he said.

The animals looked at one another
and realized that what @< field1 >
had said was true. They thanked
him for this good advice and the
fish especially thanked him for
saving its life. @< field1 >
decided it was time to go, so he
promised to come and visit again.
The old owl offered to walk him
home. “You see, @< field1 >,”
the owl said, “you have to realize
that everyone has a special talent
for something and once you
find out what your special talent
is, nurture it, and don’t ever
spoil it.”