A Friend Called Night

It was late at night in ParisFrance, and Jane Smith was still awake in her bed because she was scared of the dark. Jane was afraid to turn the lights off and she was wondering if Lucas, Skye and Mary were scared too. All of a sudden, she heard a light tapping on her window. When Jane turned around to see who it was, she was very surprised to see a beautiful girl smiling at her from the open window.

“Don’t be afraid, Jane,” she said as she came in and sat on Jane’s bed. The girl had beautiful long hair and deep blue eyes. “My name is Night,” she told Jane. “I hear that you are scared of me so I have come to show you that I am not at all scary. I am as beautiful and kind as my brother.”

Jane was curious. “Who is your brother?” she asked.
“He is Day. Would you like to meet him?”she asked.
Jane eagerly nodded her head.

As soon as Jane nodded, a handsome boy appeared in the room. He was blonde and had fair skin and blue eyes.
“Hello Jane, I am happy to meet you,” he said.
Jane just couldn’t believe what great visitors she had. “How come you are so different and yet you are brother and sister?” Jane asked.
Night smiled. “Oh no. It is only our colours that are different. Actually, we are very much alike,” she said.

“But if you are alike why can’t I see things at night?” Jane asked.
“Oh but you can! You can see beautiful things at night. There are things which you can see at night and you can’t see in the daytime,” Night replied.
Jane frowned. “What could those be?”she wondered.
Day smiled. “Well, sister, I think you should take Jane on a little tour. I would love to come with you, but I have to go across the world with Sun. Bye Jane, I hope you have fun,” he said.

Night led Jane to the window. “Get ready!” she said. “This is going to be a flying tour.”

The moment Night said
that, Jane realized that her feet were no longer touching the ground. In fact, she wasn’t even in her room! They were flying through the air, soaring through the clouds! “If only Lucas, Skye and Mary could see me now!” she thought.

As they whizzed along, Night told Jane a secret about making a wish. “If you wish for something very hard and it doesn’t come true, your wish will become a star so that you could never say that you wished in vain. The more wishes you have, the more stars there will be in the night sky. Later, when you see a shooting star, you will know that one of those wishes will come true,” she explained.

Night took Jane to meet Moon and told her that Moon was the sister of Sun. Night and Moon are best friends, just as Day and Sun are.
Moon was a very classy lady. She told Jane that her job was to watch over the world and the stars. “I stay up high so that I can see everything. That way I make sure that all children sleep peacefully,” she explained. After saying goodbye to Moon, off they went, soaring ever higher.
Jane was having the time of her life.

But soon it was time to go back home.
When they returned to her room, Jane had a few more questions to ask her new friend, Night. “How come I can’t see the stars and the moon in the daytime?” she said.
Night smiled gently. “Because I am so dark and their light shines so brightly, you can see them easily. But Day is brightest of all and so even though the stars and the moon are shining brightly, you cannot see them when he is around,” she answered.

“And tell me, Night,” said Jane  “Why is there no Sun at night?”
Night thought for a moment. “There is Sun, but he goes on a trip every night to visit the children on the other side of our Planet Earth. You see, Sun and Moon take shifts and so do Day and I. When Sun and Day go to visit the other side of the world, Moon and I stay here to watch over you and your friends,” she answered.

Unfortunately, it was time for Night to leave.
Jane thanked her for everything she had taught her and waved goodbye to her new friend. She remembered how beautiful her home had looked from way up in the sky, so silent and peaceful. She wasn’t scared of the dark anymore. She knew it only meant that Sun was visiting the other side of the world, Moon was watching over her and her friends and falling stars were making wishes come true!